Richard C Thomas
Northcreek Church  (AV)
 Christus Nostrum Vita
 The Word Is
 Reclaim the Truth
 The Story
First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley  (AV)  (tb)
 Beauty Given By Grace: The Art of Sadao Watanabe
Japanese Christian Church of Walnut Creek
Tokyo Baptist Church
Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church
Wheaton Bible Church
Christian Medical and Dental Associations
John Patrick
International Christian University
ICU Church
Japan Society of Northern California
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Ikuko & Rick
Easter 1999
Christmas Letters & Pictures
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Louise M Rounds
September 14, 1916 - May 27, 2003
Noah's Graduation Collage:
Ema's senior pictures
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Mina's Recital
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Ema's graduation
Dr. Paul Brand lectures
1-Dr Paul Brand introduction   (mp3-1.5 MB)
2-Dr. Paul Brand 2001: Part 1 (mp3-15.5 MB)
3-Dr. Paul Brand 2001: Part 2 (mp3-10.5 MB)
His Brain, Her Brain (Walt & Barb Larimore)
His brain, Her Brain on Christian Doctor's Digest (mp3)
His Brain, Her Brain on Christian Doctor's Digest (m4a)
His Brain, Her Brain on Life Action Ministries (mp3) or
Sadao & Sachiko Kubo
Memorial Service: July 19. 2014
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CHAWAN (25mb)
Father of the Bride Speech
CMK510 pdf
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CMK515 pdf
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CMK515 m4a